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Security and Performance

100% access security based on application layer, instead of database. State-of-the-art technology in 3 layers, ensuring greater performance and safety


Get all the features that the biggest retailers in the world have used since version 16 of Oracle Retail and always be up to date with the latest global base product updates.


Extensions developed much more quickly, without forms or reports. 100% web interface, in Java. Take the first step to migrate to the Cloud.

Quem Somos

How we implement v19

Retail Fiscal Suite (RFS)

BRX, recognized as the largest RFM specialist in Brazil, has developed a new module integrated with Oracle Retail that allows any customer to always use the latest version of Oracle Retail.


Along with the location, we deliver a new methodology for rapid implementation, in which it is possible to reduce the temple of implementation by 50%, and consequently the investments.

Como funciona

The best retail system on the market

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