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Modernize your ORACLE FORMS applications with APEX and keep your solution sustainable, modern and ready for new features and challenges

We build, extend or modify your custom solution!

Whether you need to build an entirely new business process, reduce costs while delivering new functionality, or integrate your legacy systems with the latest technologies, we can meet those challenges with you.

We help customers from a wide range of industries achieve their goals with our proven expertise in Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


APEX enables the development of a cutting-edge user interface and allows you to access your smartphone, tablet and desktop apps with an attractive and responsive design.


Reduce the amount of bugs during development with code error prevention and protection mechanisms built into APEX


No in-depth knowledge of HTML or CSS. The APEX approach reduces code writing by up to 98%. PL / SQL programming and an Oracle database make APEX easy, fast and powerful.


Minimize the number of security defects in your applications—from cross-site scripting to SQL injection—with security built into the framework.

Lowest Cost

Low code means less code and less code means less cost. You save a lot of money through lower license fees, lower development, maintenance and migration costs.


Support for all modern data types including relational, JSON, spatial and more. Integrate data from local and remote data sources using REST interfaces.



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