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Retail Tax Engine

How to automate tax and tax processes?

TurboTax is a tool created for retailers and that will facilitate your company's fiscal and tax routine. With TurboTax you recover your tax credits, automate your tax processes, such as receipts and NF-e issues; and no longer spends time validating your suppliers' taxes, costs and orders.

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Tax Recovery

For companies that work with the anticipation of the ICMSST, the RTE manages the history of entries and exits of this tax, enabling the management of the recovery of the ICMSST when there is a right to recovery. In parallel, for an effective control of the average cost of products, these values can be recovered in the costs of each product in stock.


Built to adapt to the dynamics of Brazilian legislation, the RTE can work with specific rules for each type of business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The rules can be managed by different access profiles, according to each type of tax.

We are a family owned and operated business.

It also works with a massive load of rules, calculation formulas with dynamic attributes that adapt quickly to changes in legislation

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Everything you need for efficient tax management
Foundation Data

Centralized fiscal and tax data for your products, suppliers, distribution centers, stores, partners and customers;


don't waste more time typing the invoice or validating your taxes, costs or quantities. In one step, TurboTax issues or receives notes through SEFAZ, validates documents and makes data available to financial or bookkeeping systems.


The main retail operations are tied to guarantee the fiscal and tax compliance of your company. With it you will always have on hand, purchase order balances, returns, transfers, inventory adjustments, inventories and sales.


Automatic control of tax numbering, tolerance values in note validations, recalculation of product costs in case of changes in tax rules; and integration with financial or bookkeeping systems

Tax Engine

With the engine you automatically inform the deductions of CFOP and CST, the taxes and your credits; in addition to the legal messages for the tax authorities. It controls ICMSST recovery amounts, or correctly processes its costs and credits in changes to the tax regime.

Tax Records

To make it easier, the system owns the NCM, CEST, CFOP, CST, CNAE registrations, among others

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